10 Huge Bail Bonds

It Costs A Lot To Bail White Collar Criminals Out Of Jail

Michael Milken’ 250 million dollar bail bond is the highest in US History. Milken was at the center of the largest criminal investigation in Wall Street history in 1989. He was charged with 98 counts of insider trading and alleged to have made nearly $1.8 billion.

This is a look at 10 mind-boggling bail amounts set for high flight-risk individuals.

  1. Michael Milken – $250 million Bail

  2. Julius Meinl V – $133 million Bail

  3. Raj Rajaratnam – $100 million Bail

  4. Bernie Madoff – $10 million Bail

  5. Bernard Ebbers – $10 million Bail

  6. Dennis Kozlowski – $10 million Bail

  7. Jeff Skilling and Andrew Fastow – $5 million Bail

  8. Marcus Schrenker – $4 million Bail

  9. Barry Minkow – $1.5 million Bail

  10. Ken Lay – $500,000 Bail

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