A Short History of Bail Bondsmen

The system that involves posting property or money for the temporary release when a trial is pending goes all the way back to the 13th century in England. Commercially offering the bail bonds came from the need for balancing and giving people options even when they are middle or poor classes when they have been accused of committing a crime.

Bondsman accent percentages of the required bail and they’ll post the remainder for someone that has been charged and waiting their trial. In the years past, only the people who had ample property and money could be released. Entrepreneurs came to the realization that if they had enough capital, they’d be able to offer the court this security in the name of the defendant after they’d gotten a certain amount for insurance. There is additional fees involved when you use a commercial service, and this is the way that the organization gets their profits.

United States bondsman have been doing this since our country was founded. The bail bond laws have been refined and changed as the years have passed. These laws mostly address fairness when it comes to setting the amounts based on the rime that’s been charged. There have been practices changed by the bondsmen based on the state laws where they practice, but for the most part the basic concept’s remained the same.

This business of posting a bail bond for people who are court qualified provides a service that is much-needed. Those people who can’t procure the whole amount that the court sets find that this service is invaluable to them and their families.

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