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If a family member or loved one has recently been arrested, you can be certain that your incarceration shall not get better as time passes hence the need for A Way Out Bail Bonds of Fort Myers. After you have been booked and placed in a holding cell, you will have to face the judge when they are arraigned in a court of law.

During the arraignment, the judge will hear the charges that have been brought against you and will ask you to enter your plea. In case you plea to be “not guilty”, the judge will set a court date for you to be tried formally. This date could be weeks or months away from the day of your arrest. This means that the judge will also be compelled to decide whether you are trustworthy and dependable enough to be released from custody for the duration to the trial. This is where you will need to make use of A Way Out bail bonds.

To ensure that you will certainly return for trial voluntarily, the court will create some form of financial incentive by asking you to raise some bail money that will be commensurate to how serious the charges brought against you are. Since most detainees cannot afford to raise the total bail amount, they will usually have to rely on some of the agencies which offer bail bonds in Fort Myers. These agents are commonly referred to as bail bondsmen.

The most important thing about A Way Out bail bonds of Fort Myers is that you will not have to endure all that period in a prison cell as you wait for your trial date. You can actually go about your business and be better able to prepare your defense at the trial.
Added to the above, you can access these bonds very easily. In fact A Way Out bail Bonds of Fort Myers work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are accessible and professional.

What our bail agents will need from you:
Defendants Full Name
Prior Arrest information
Defendants Date of Birth
Bond Amount