The Life of a Bail Bondsman

Were you ever curious about what bail bonds agents do? Well we’re going to give you a look at what their life is like. Even though they’ve cropped up more in the media due to television shows, people all over the country have become a lot more interested in what their life is like. But what do they do and how does this system work?

You probably know that bail is usually a type of property, and this is usually money that’s pledged or given to the court so that someone is released after they’ve been arrested because they were suspected of committing a crime. It’s understood that the person has to go back to court for their trial. Sometimes the property or money is returned when the trial ends, no matter what the verdict is. So how does a bondsman come into play?

A bondsman is an agent that deposits or pledges property or money to the court for someone who’s a defendant in court. When someone’s arrested, they have to give the court bail so they’re released. The agent submits the money on their behalf. There’s usually a charge of 10 to 15% of that total that is owed. This will act as the compensation for the bondsman for their services. Usually the bondsman bills that defendant for any other types of fees, like phone bills, gas, and any other items that are incurred when posting the bail or apprehending a defendant.

There are times when someone needs an extra large bail, a bondsman will take assets from the defendant to make sure the amount’s obtained. If the defendant doesn’t go to court, the agent can find a legal way to get the defendant and then bring them to court so that they are able to recover the money. This usually is done by one of the people known as bounty hunters.

There are only two countries worldwide that use bail and where bounty hunting’s legal as well as bondsman are practicing in the country’s legal system. Most of the other countries don’t use bail as much. Although bounty hunters aren’t legal in some states, some of the bondsman have to bring the fugitives in. The agents are able to sue people who guaranteed the appearance of the defendant in court and the person didn’t appear. They’re also able to sue a defendant to be compensated.

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