Top 10 Most Crime Ridden Cities in Florida

Florida vacations bring to mind theme parks, sandy beaches and a lot of fun. But if you go to the wrong part of Florida on vacation, you might also run into some crime and be robbed, raped or worse. Below are the most dangerous and crime ridden cities in Florida.

1. Florida City

Last year’s rank: 1

Population: 12,297
Violent crimes/100K: 2,797
Property crimes/100K: 8,880

This city is to the south of the town of homestead. Things here are really dangerous and have been for a long time. Those who live here have a chance of 1/11.3 chance of having something vandalized or stolen. There are many missing prescription pills, laptops and cell phones. You also have a 1/35 chance of having a crime of a violent nature happening to you. If you haven’t had your life personally threatened, you know someone who has.

2. Cocoa

Last year’s rank: 2

Population: 17,825
Violent Crimes/100k: 2,070
Property Crimes/100k: 6,788

It’s hard to believe how many crimes there are in Florida. You have a chance of 1/48 of having a threat on your life and 1/14.7 chance of being robbed. Cocoa is not far from famous Cape Canaveral.

3. Opa Locka

Rank last year: 6 (moved up 3)

Population: 16,457
Violent Crimes/100k: 2,221
Property Crimes/100k: 6,427

Both property and violent crime are very prevalent in Opa Locka. There is a pretty high density of people here and this could be one of the reasons why there’s more property crimes.

4. Lake City

Last year’s rank: 3 (moved down 1)

Population: 12,186
Violent Crimes/100K: 1,526
Property Crimes/100k: 7,196

Residents of Lake City are already aware of the sections of town they should avoid. But they may not know that there’s a 1/65 chance of being attacked, outright killed, or raped.

Not only that, but 1/13.9 people have been victims of a kind of property crime. Chances are if you have lived for a long time in this city, you have been robbed one or more times during your life.

It’s right in the center of Florida off I-10. If you’re passing through, make sure your car doors are locked and that you’re not talking to strangers.

5. Lake Park

Last year’s rank: 8 (moved up 3)

Population: 8,613
Violent Crimes/100k: 1,056
Property Crimes/100k: 9,868

This city is on Florida’s coast near Mangonia Park and Palm Beach. Even though the crime rates aren’t low, they’re lower when compared with other cities.

The thing that is the problem in Lake Park is how many property crimes there are. There is a 1/10.1 chance that you are going to have something stolen from you in Lake Park.

6. Miami Beach

Last year’s rank: 4 (moved down 2)

Population: 93,165
Violent Crimes/100k: 1,008
Property Crimes/100k: 9,036

This isn’t really a surprise. A lot of people know that Miami Beach is full of crime. Even though the violence is not as bad here since you aren’t as likely to be a victim, there still were 940 times when someone who was here was raped or attacked.

The true threat is being robbed. Make sure that you are watching your back here, since your chance of being held up, having a break in in your home or car or property being vandalized is 1/11.1.

7. Daytona Beach

Last year’s rank: 5 (moved down 2)

Population: 65,495
Violent Crimes/100k: 1,242
Property Crimes/100k: 6,408

Everyone knows that this is a huge spot for tourists, and a lot of those people who are attacked or robbed are tourists. But criminals don’t care if you’re a resident or not. They want to commit a crime. They want to rob you or harm you.

If you’re in Dayton Beach’s city limits, your chances of being robbed is 1/15.6.

8. Panama City Beach

Last year’s rank: 7 (moved down 1)

Population: 12,844
Violent Crimes/100k: 918
Property Crimes/100k: 8,688

For a town that is relatively small, there is a lot of industrialization here. This industrialization level might be the reason that there is more crime in the city. There’s a 1/11.5 chance that you are going to have damage to your property here.

9. Belle Glade

Last year’s rank: 15 (moved up 6)

Population: 12,844
Violent Crimes/100k: 1,602
Property Crimes/100k: 5,248

Belle Glade is Palm Beach County’s largest city, and there has been a 13% increase when it comes to the city’s rate of violent crime as well as an increase of 19% in the rate of property crime between 2014 to 2016.

People who live there had a chance of 1/19.1 of being burnt or robbed in 2016.

10. Lake Worth

Last year’s rank: 9 (moved down 1)

Population: 38,021
Violent Crimes/100k: 1,341
Property Crimes/100k: 4,939

Lake Worth almost got off of this 2018 list, but they weren’t quite able to get their crime under control. But there’s always last year.

If you are going to Florida, it doesn’t mean that you have to avoid these places necessarily. You just want to be careful and be aware of those who are around him.

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