7 Most Common Crimes in Florida

If you are moving to Florida or you’re thinking of moving there, chances are that you want to know what types of crimes happen there. Below are 7 of the most common crimes in Florida and some explanations of what they are and what their punishments are.

1. Drug Crimes

Back in 2013, based on information from the FBI, drug violations were nearly 30% of the arrests in Florida. This ranges from possession to things like trafficking and that is just the beginning. This carries a big range of incarceration periods and fines.

2. Theft

Based on the FDLE, there is a theft committed each minute in the state of Florida. Theft is the unauthorized use or taking of someone’s property. This includes larceny, conversion, misappropriation, stealing and other types of offenses. The property’s value determines if it’s a felony or misdemeanor.

3. DUI

In the state of Florida, if you have a BAL of .08 or more and you are driving, you’re drunk. How severe your penalty is will be determined by a lot of factors, like whether it’s your first, the amount of alcohol in your blood, if there was a minor present, or if there was property damage or injuries sustained.

4. Aggravated Assault

The FDLA says that this kind of assault happens every 9 minutes in the state of Florida. This is an assault where a deadly weapon’s used but there is no intention to kill or commit any kind of felony. It’s a 3rd degree felony. If you are convicted, it could mean that you are serving 5 years and pay a fine of $5,000.

5. Violations of Liquor Laws

There are a lot of activities that are committee against the liquor laws in Florida. Two of them are selling alcohol to minors or without the proper permit.

6. Burglary

The FLDA says there is a burglary occurring every 3 minutes in the state of Florida. Someone can be charged with if they stay in or enter a building intending to commit some kind of crime. Whether it’s 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree depends on the specific circumstances.

7. Robbery

The FDLA says this occurs every 22 minutes. This happens when someone takes property or money intending to temporarily or permanently deprive the person of the property or money by fear, assault, violence or force.

If you are moving to Florida, these are some of the common crimes that happen. Be vigilant and know what could happen and be aware of what could happen.

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