Steps to Becoming a Bail Bondsman

A lot of people think about becoming bail bondsman. If you are interested in becoming one, it’s important that you know what the steps are for becoming a bondsman. Below are four steps that you need to take before you can get into this business.

Figure Out if You’re Eligible

Becoming a bondsman is very challenging and you have to know contract law, criminal law and finance, so the majority of licensing boards in the states have requirements that you must have so you can be licensed. These usually include:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a GED or HS diploma
  • Complete the pre-licensing course
  • Be able to pass the licensing exam
  • Have enough financial resources for meeting surety obligations
  • Be sponsored by one of the surety companies

Complete Requirements for Educaiton and Training

Even though it’s only required that you have a diploma from high school in the majority of states, a lot of those who are very successful will prepare for it by going to college. A lot of bondsman have an associate, bachelor or masters in economics, law, business administration or finance. This kind of education is going to be really helpful when you’re doing your bail bondsman duties along with taking the licensing exam.

In a lot of states, the licensing board has a course that will specifically prepare a candidate for taking the exam and completing the process of licensing. For the most part, the course will give introduce candidates to basic principles, practices and laws when being a bail bondsman and it’s the first step in your education.

Even though not all of the states require you to complete this pre-licensing course so that you are able to be licensed, it’s often a very wise investment since it can help with laying the intellectual foundation for the career. The majority of the courses’ instructors have been bail bondsman so they are able to provide advice and firsthand experience.

Pass Your State Licensing Exam

In the majority of states, the exam has 50-60 questions that are multiple choice and you have to complete the exam in an hour. The fee for taking the exam will usually cost from $40-$100 and it’s offered through various test providers.

The majority of states will allow you to take your exam more than once if you don’t pass.

Apply for Your State License

To get your license, you’ll have to do things like the following:

  • Submit your application, and this usually can be found on your states website’s for department of insurance.
  • Provide the fee for licensing through a credit card, money order or check
  • Submit your scores from the licensing exam
  • Submit documentation of sponsorship from a surety company
  • Bond submission for the amount mandated by the state.

These are the four steps that you have to take in order to become a bondsman. Not everyone can do it, but if you are able to do it, it can be very lucrative and rewarding. Get the information you need and prepare, then see what you can do!

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